Understand. Design. Improve.


On this page you can read about the wide range of services that we can provide. However, we do tailor our process to the needs of each individual project. We can work together with you on joint bids, and are available to form larger consortiums with experts in our wider network if required. We also provide training, and consultancy services.



People are at the heart of great design; that’s why we take a human-centred approach to our work. We’ll work alongside you to understand your audience(s) and their challenges. We might also need to look beyond your primary audience and investigate the wider social or environmental issues. This helps us target where best to make change, and to identify any negative unintended consequences.We have a toolkit of techniques that can get to grips with these complex problems.

Research techniques

We can conduct interviews, data analysis, workshops diary studies, digital and offline ethnography and field studies, desk research and testing to understand the audience and their motivations, and to understand the challenges they face and to fully understand the problem at hand.


Lean and rapid research is key when working to solve societal issues. We want to quickly get to a point where we know where we stand. We’ve developed a lean research sprint where we quickly find all we can within a set amount of time. This stops a never ending research phase and allows for rapid development and continuous improvement.


We use a variety of mapping techniques to understand the research clearly. We work with segments and personas, but also we do gap analysis, journey mapping and assumption maps that help us pick out the key parts of our learnings and display them in an accessible way to stakeholders.



We’ll collaborate with you, and your audience, to ensure that we’re designing the right solution. We have extensive experience in designing products, services, and campaigns for household brands. Our rapid design, prototype, test and iterate methodology helps ensure your budget is spent wisely and effectively. We can also work on a consultant basis through a long term transformative project or as product owner to assist with a build project.


We’ve taken the Google Ventures sprint process and have tailored it specifically for tackling complex social issues.

Have a service or product idea? We’ll spend an intense week working with your team, and with other experts, to help understand the problem, come up with potential design solutions, and prototype, test and validate them.


We have a wide range of experience in designing complex services and products for social good.

Following on from the success of the research phase, we utilise design thinking practices to create solutions that work. We co-design with you and your audience, prototype, test and then iterate.


We can work with your teams to develop a robust evidence-based business, marketing or comms strategy. We’ll put your audience at their heart of this work; finding out what they need and what resonates with them.

Based on realistic strategic aims and goals we’ll create a strategy and plan that your team can deliver.



There are significant ethical considerations when tackling social issues. We can provide consultancy around how best to approach ethical dilemmas of your project or services. We can also run product ethics workshops with your team or at your conference, and we can help you measure impact and create an environment where continuous improvement thrives.


We don’t believe in delivering a project and then running away, leaving you in the lurch. Our processes are designed to be collaborative, and your team can learn the techniques we use as we work together.

We can train and mentor your team to pick up the project once we’ve done our part.


We can help assist you in finding an ongoing technology partner and we can act as product owner during the build stage of your project.

Perhaps your team is a little short handed and you’d like us to be around for a while, or maybe you’d like to put us on a retainer for regular advice? We can support you.


How do you know if your project has delivered the intended results? We take an evidence-led approach to our work and ensure that each project has a clear measurement plan. We can help you decide on what to measure, and how to measure it moving forward, and even how to report back to various stakeholders. This is essential to ensuring continuous improvement.


Workshops, Talks & Media

Our team are expert communicators and facilitators. We’ve spoken at international conferences, have hosting panels at a variety of events, and have provided digital training to hundreds of charities, and have run countless workshops.


We can run our workshops with your internal team, or at your conference. We can run workshops in any area of our expertise, but we currently have workshops ready to go in:

  • Product Ethics

  • Red Team exercise

  • Product innovation


We can give an inspirational and educational talk to your team and we’re available travel to talk at your conference. We’re also expert panel facilitators and can host entire conference segments. You can see examples of our past speaking engagements on the Our Team page.


We’re camera and radio friendly, and have had articles published in a number of publications. If you would like to commission us please Get In Touch.

Some topics we can cover include:

  • Ethics in tech

  • Diversity and inclusion in tech

  • Ethics in design

  • Designing for Social Good

  • Charity tech and digital