Designing for social change


Designing to bring about positive environmental and social change

We work with individuals and organisations that want to create social change. That might be charities, social entrepreneurs, government, funders, trainers, co-operatives, social enterprises, or corporate social responsibility departments.

We’re designers and researchers that are experienced at designing for social change. We can work with you to design the right products, initiatives and services for the right problems.

We want to work with people to create real change. If you just want a website designing, or some usability testing, we probably aren’t the right agency for you. But if you want to improve the lives of your audience, drive behaviour change to create positive actions or influence those in power, we’d love to work with you.




We’re based in Glossop, just outside of Manchester City Centre.

We can work on projects based anywhere in the World.

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What we do


We’ll work with you to understand your audience(s) better and figure out what their challenges are, it might mean looking beyond the audience and understanding the wider social or environmental issue to get to grips with where we can best make change. We have a toolkit of techniques that can get to grips with these complex problems.


We can work together to design the right solution, whether it be a product, service, campaign or initiative. We can co-design with an audience; prototype, build and test. It might be that you need a consultant through a long term transformative project or a product owner to assist with a build.


There are significant ethical considerations when tackling social issues. We can provide consultancy around the ethical dilemmas of your project and run product ethics workshops with your team or at your conference. We can help you measure impact and create an environment where continuous improvement thrives.


How we do it

Human Centred

We work with people who deeply understand the problem. Designers aren’t experts in everything. A key ingredient to our work is partnering with experts, and those with lived experience, to co-design with. To consider challenges and opportunities. And to help us test ideas and solutions. We have a wide range of facilitation and research activities that help us get the right information, from the right people, at the right time.


Every project has major stakeholders who will need to endorse or sign-off on a solution. From the front-line delivery staff who may fear that innovation leads to disruptive job role changes, to the director who doesn’t quite understand new technology, we work with you to identify risk, and to secure buy-in. In the long term, we can work with you to help create a culture of design throughout your organisation.


When designing for social good, we have a responsibility to make sure the following two things are true: We’re confident that we’re developing the correct solution. We’re not spending more time and money on things than we need to. We work with lean research, design and prototyping techniques that allow us to quickly, and ethically, validate ideas and to build solutions that can have a significant and lasting impact.


Working with Reply has been a pleasure. They know their stuff, they ask excellent questions & they helped put our users at the heart of what we do
— Dsposal


Let's Chat.

We want to make a positive social impact on the world. If that’s something you’re into as well, we’d love to meet you.

Whether you have a defined project or you just have the twinkle of an idea, give us a bell. We’re happy to work on joint consortium bids and proposals; our day rate is pretty reasonable and we’re mostly friendly. We’re also good at public speaking and media comments.

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